2018-1st Centreal Committee

by KangYeonbae posted Mar 05, 2018


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  1. The Chonnam National University Hospital Workers Went On a Strike on September 12.

  2. KHMU Grand March on 27, June. “Staffing Needs for Safe Hospital without Medical Accident”

  3. KHMU 20th anniversary events

  4. 2018-1st Centreal Committee

  5. 2017year 10 main activity photos

  6. KHMU marchon 28 June

  7. KHMU Staged All-Out Struggle

  8. MERS- KHMU, “Save People’s Lives, Protect Workers’ Safety”

  9. KHMU Special Congress in the auditorium

  10. The KHMU Staged the second round of strike from July 22to 26.

  11. The Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union (KHMU) are holding a series of strikes and rallies from 24 to 30 June.

  12. KHMU Strike 2014

  13. KHMU President hunger Struggle

  14. Campaign in May

  15. “White Tide” against Healthcare Privatization in May

  16. MayDay in Seoul

  17. KHMU stration

  18. Rally to protest the government policy of healthcare privatization

  19. joint the joint campaign

  20. KHMU national executive committee held

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