1. LabourStart

    About LabourStart LabourStart is an online news service maintained by a global network of volunteers which aims to serve the international trade union movement by collecting and disseminating information -- and by assisting unions in c...
    Date2014.06.03 Bykhmu Views31
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  2. UNI Global Union

    UNI Global Union, based in Nyon, Switzerland, represents more than 20 million workers from over 900 trade unions in the fastest growing sectors in the world – skills and services. A total of 90% of new jobs are expected to be in these...
    Date2014.06.03 Bykhmu Views33
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  3. PSI

    Public Services International brings together more than 20 million workers, represented by 669 unions in 154 countries and territories. We are a global trade union federation dedicated to promoting quality public services in every part ...
    Date2014.06.03 Bykhmu Views38
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  4. Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU)

    Korean Confederation of Trade Unions traces its roots to the nascent workers' struggles ignited by the self-immolation of a garment worker Chun Tae-il on November 13, 1970. The tenacious struggles of women workers in export-oriented ...
    Date2009.07.28 By총무실1 Views5424
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  5. Federation of Korean Trade Unions

    Date2008.05.20 Bykhmu Views2818
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